I heard someone say the other day that if enough people care miracles can happen. We older people are so thick on the ground these days that if we can get together (via the computer) then we could easily change the world to make it a better place.

How many older people really support violence I wonder? The crime statistics for our group is well down on that of other groups. I suspect the reason for this has not been fully studied. Is it because we no longer have the energy to go out and commit an offence of any type, or in our wisdom gained over decades do we realise that nobody really benefits from this activity. Is there another reason? If we could sort out the cause of violence it would help to contribute to a better world.

The US is currently trying to sort out their gun possession problem in which their young children, the next generation, is currently the innocent victim group. What surprises me is that certainly from an Australian view-point no one seems to be analysing the situation there and hence moving towards a solution. Has anybody looked at why people really feel the need to have guns? One argument is that people feel safer with them yet apparently this is one item which is regularly stolen in robberies. That wouldn’t make me feel safe.

What about those who purchase guns and regularly  use them? It seems to me that they fall into two categories depending on what they are shooting at. If they are merely shooting at target boards then perhaps it is a genuine sport in which people can practice and improve their skills, possibly winning competitions with like-minded people. The other group is the one that concerns me. They use living things (animal or human) as their objects and glorify in the death, instant or otherwise, which follows. There are so many examples of this being labelled ‘sport’ across the world, much of it having a history of such activity. In Britain, for example, grouse shooting has long been recognised as a legitimate sport, particularly among the rich. Some migrants to Australia want to continue the sport of pig shooting which was apparently a popular sport in their home countries. It is the aspect of killing another living creature that worries me. Is there a character defect that leads some people to have the need to kill in this way? I always assume that countries which retain the death penalty haven’t quite reached the same level of development  or civilisation as countries which have abolished it.

Can we older people in our wisdom speak out against violence of any sort and gun violence in particular? Can we change the climate of violence and bring about a miracle?