It’s easy to think you know about ageing from information you’ve picked up during the earlier part of life but the reality is very different and it is a learning curve.

In my area we are having the NBN being rolled out for connection in April (interestingly I’m sure this isn’t the first roll out but Telstra still don’t have a pensioner’s package). The other morning there were workmen on my street and I assumed it was in connection with this. I went out for a while and when I got back my mailbox had been crushed, presumably by a huge branch which had been broken off the nearby gum tree. I went to speak to the workmen and the foreman came back and looked at the damage. He partially straightened out the mailbox and promised to replace it. I didn’t ask about the tree branch as it was next to their trailer and I assumed they would take it with them. Needless to say I am left with the crushed mailbox and the tree branch. In my younger days I would have been more aggressive, got their details and specified what they would do about it and who I could contact if they didn’t.

Part of the problem is that if the workers were connected to the NBN then they are Federal government employees, if not they are local ACT employees. I’m suspecting the former so I have contacted my Federal MP. It will be interesting to see where this will end up. I’ll keep you posted. I would like to have my belief in human beings restored.

To make matters worse, the tree branch was left on my neighbour’s nature strip. When I went out a couple of days later I returned to find that the tree branch had been moved on to my nature strip. It would have taken at least two of them to sneak out and move it. There are young children calling that place home with its unacceptable values.

A few years ago I would have taken all of this in my stride but now I no longer have the energy to make decisions and tackle the problem.

We know that as we age we lose muscle strength but we only think about physical frailty. From my own experience and that of my friends it looks as though we also lose our mental strength and resolve when it comes to tackling problems. I hope that if I do manage to get my book on ageing published  these types of issues can be brought to light so that there is a better understanding of what happens when we age. People might then think twice about their behaviour when older people are involved.