The internet can be a powerful tool but also a source of extreme frustration. I had a spelling error in my latest post and when I tried to go back to it the whole post had been edited and had disappeared! Not quite what I had in mind.
The purpose of this post is to remind people that discrimination is not just against women but also against older people as well. This means that older women are being discriminated against for the second time in their lives (for older black women this means for the third time).
Most of us are past marching for our cause so we must try to show who and what we are through our lives, showing that the discrimination we suffer from is not warranted. We need to remember that many of the great achievers of the past, such as Shakespeare and Verdi, did some of their greatest work in the later stages of their lives. It’s not a time of ‘has been’ but should be one of ‘will be’.
If society isn’t prepared to give us the opportunity to achieve then we must make our own opportunities, on our terms to meet our current needs. When people ask us what we do, our answer shouldn’t be ‘busy’ or even ‘very busy’; it should be what we are actually doing, what we are achieving.
Women in the past achieved with their little ones in tow. In parallel, today’s older people can show that they can still achieve with their arthritis and other afflictions in tow!
How ageing is viewed in future is largely up to us, today’s older people. Just as women in the past showed the sort of world they wanted for women, we older people should be showing what sort of life we want for the ageing who come after us.