We are all aware that as we age we become more frail but recently I have had the opportunity to test whether this is due to ageing or the very different lifestyle we tend to live as oldies.
I have been doing some house painting. At first I was concerned that although I have been doing it since I still lived with my parents I haven’t done it for a few years. I wasn’t sure how my arthritic knees would handle going up and down my small 2 step-ladder for starters.
I have now been doing it for 7 days (with a break in the middle to catch up on other stuff) and I am amazed at how much fitter I am. My weight is the lowest it has been for ages and the clock has been put back on my knees! It reminds me of someone I read about in the book on the ‘Late Bloomers’. If I remember correctly he had to retire and was given only 6 months to live with really bad arthritis and high blood pressure. He decided he was going to fulfil dreams in the 6 months so bought a run down farm. He had to get up to feed the animals daily as they relied on him. His arthritis improved, his blood pressure went down and after 12 months he decided to turn the farmhouse into a B & B so people from the city could come for a relaxing weekend. So much for the 6 months the medics gave him!
As older people we are encouraged to exercise but I now realise that it seems to be more effective and efficient if it is exercise with a purpose. This is a real challenge for us older people. I am sure any medical experts will be throwing up their hands in horror but we are very wise and know we need to take care. After all, we do this every time we hop in and out of the shower or cross the road!
Exercise with a purpose. Any suggestions?