Just a reminder to those of you over 65 that I am asking people in this age group to let me know their views on the positives and negatives of ageing so I can have a selection of voices in my book on ageing on this topic, rather than just my experiences! They are starting to trickle in but the more I get the better the chapter will be and people who are not in our age group will understand us better. Please send your ideas to YourStory@over65.net so that they will reach me. It will be anonymous so feel free to be candid about both positives and negatives.
Apparently this week new laws have been enacted in Australia to counteract another aspect of sexism. They are very much needed, we only have to look at the figures on the number of women on company boards to realise that women are still regarded as second class citizens. I mention it here because the chances are that whenever anti-sexist laws are strengthened similar laws protecting coloured people (racism) should be looked as well and of course ageist behaviour. All three ‘isms’ have a lot in common and when we strengthen one we should automatically look to see if the problem being addressed applies to the other two. Otherwise changes take forever to filter through. The anti-sexist behaviour battle has been fought for well over 100 years and is still not entirely won. I’d hate to think both anti-racism and anti-ageism wars were still being fought decades ahead. I’d like to think that older people in the not too distant future will be treated the same as other citizens and our knowledge, talents and wisdom recognised so that we can lead an enjoyable life as equals in the community.
I’m always amused when dealing with younger strangers who see my wrinkles and decide how they are going to treat me. Some of them ignore the wrinkles and treat me as a normal person while others decide that since I am old I must be incompetent and treat me accordingly! I have an inner giggle as the chances are that I am far more qualified than them, poor things! I think that that is probably reverse ageism! Why not.