There are so many little things about ageing that we seem to find out by chance. Nobody tells us about them, instead we have to find out for ourselves. This is one of the disadvantages arising from the fact that so much of what is written about ageing is written by young ‘experts’ who haven’t actually experienced it.
These thoughts arise from the fact that I have just been to get some new glasses, something I have done many, many times before. As on these previous occasions I chose a pair of frames simply because I liked them.
So far this was all very normal. The complication arose when the young lass fitting them got a senior staff member to check her measurements for the bifocal part. My new glasses were bigger than the last pair which meant that the bifocal bit could be set in the glass lower down. The older salesperson pointed out that when I went down stairs I wouldn’t have to bend so far over to see the ground.
Of course! For years I have known that older people with bifocals have a problem with stairs, in many cases resulting in falls. Here was what I believe is a major part of the problem. All older people in this situation should be advised to get bigger frames so that the bifocals can be lower down. This is the sort of knowledge which should be widely known, particularly if it can prevent not only uncertainty for older people going down stairs but it could prevent falls. These are probably pretty serious because gravity would extend the length of fall and presumably add to the severity of the damage.
I wonder if any of you reading this blog have come across similar tips for a more safe lifestyle for us older people? If you have then please let me know on Maybe we could get enough together to publish our own tips on how to get the most out of being older and how to keep ourselves safe, particularly from falls although we don’t need to restrict ourselves to this.
Keep safe.