In trying to fight ageism I have become more aware of its parallels with sexism (and racism although that is even less well organised).
Since human life first evolved men have been under the impression that they are the only ones capable of running anything. One has only to look at the small number of women on company boards to realise how this attitude persists into the 21st century.
I was reminded of this last night as I watched a program on ABC TV about the growth and development of the new Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. The horrific brutality was unbelievable. Even the people they try to conquer to form part of their new state rebel against this aspect of it. I suspect it is the outcome of a church/faith which largely features males. We see a similar brutality in the Catholic Church which has not only given rise to so much child abuse but is also largely male managed. There are more and more revelations about the behaviour of senior figures in this institution being unacceptable and covered up to avoid them being made public.
We need to realise that both men and women have a lot to offer the world, each in their different ways, and we will never have a prosperous world until each are encouraged to make their own very different contributions to it.
We are making things worse by not listening to our community elders who have seen, and experienced so much of the world’s recent history. The views of a young man wanting to cross the world to follow his ideals is very different from the views of an older person who has seen an attempted violent solution fail so often in so many different situations. This is not the solution and never has been. Love, tolerance and fairness are much more successful tools. We need to give them a chance.
Gaza, Iraq, Syria and Ukraine are just a few examples of solutions based on male violence which always fails. Move over and let the non-violent sections of society, women and the elderly, have our views heard.