As a protest marcher from way back (being older I rarely participate these days!) I couldn’t help looking at the recent climate change marches objectively. The good thing about such events is at least it wakens others to the realisation that there is a problem that they should think about. I’m sure that most of the world is currently aware of the problems the residents of Hong Kong are undergoing. If China was more conscious of, and cared about, world public opinion it would be more effective than it apparently is at present. Thanks to modern communication no country can entirely silence its people these days. The effectiveness of protests internally depends on whether a country cares about how the rest of the world sees it.
Back to the climate change marches. The problem with this topic is that it is a very complex one with many other issues tied in with it. If we care about the climate shouldn’t we also care about the way we treat the planet we live on, not just the atmosphere around it? It really worries me that we are using the limited resources the world has without even a second thought. When I grew up after the second world war everything was scarce so we had to recycle everything we could. This involved repairing, not just discarding.
I was reminded of this recently when a male relative asked me if I would darn his socks. Even I was a bit rusty with this process! It led me to contemplate how little we recycle anything but fundamentals these days. We just accept, for example, that electrical goods aren’t built to past standards and have a limited life after which they are discarded. Yet so many of the limited resources used in them are ever really considered. We add to the problem by wanting the newest of every gadget and just discarding the old one.
As I watched the climate change marchers I wondered if preserving the world’s finite resources was ever a consideration to them.
All this occurred about the time my electricity account arrived. The solar panels on my roof insured that I had a credit even though it applied to the coldest part of the year.
People who march do a good job but it would be even better if they thought through the whole issue. Climate change is only part of the threat to the planet we live on.