I guess as we get older we have seen so many New Years we get quite blasé about them, feeling that no matter how hard the world tries little will apparently change. It is changing of course but I am not sure it is through our choice.
Every year we add enormously to our knowledge source and one area in which we are committing huge resources is in the ‘big bang’ field, trying to find out how the world/universe started and perhaps why we are here. This I guess is a huge and expensive topic but it seems to have a single focus which I suspect is why we do focus on it. The rest of our problems are complex and hard to define so they tend to get ignored. Trying to make the current world, and its inhabitants, a better place is much too complex for us to think about addressing. Or is it just that we are too selfish to try, knowing that if we did provide every inhabitant with the vital necessities in life, such as shelter, clothing, food and fresh water, we would each have to lower our own standard of life, some more than others? We have created a strange world in which we admire those who are unselfish and share with others yet few have any wish to do the same. Worse still we tend to also admire the rich, the collectors of material wealth, and try to emulate them.
This particularly applies to many politicians who can’t see the very real danger of an ever widening gap between the rich and poor. To me the gap between what the lowest 10% of the population have and what the highest 10% have should be the real measure of a country’s wealth and prosperity. The ridiculous argument that if you tax the highest earners too highly they will stop working is just nonsensical. The rich are rich because they are addicted to money and wealth and having a bit more will always appeal to them.
Maybe our joint and individual resolution this year should be to stop at nothing to make the world a better place, particularly for those who currently have insufficient for their essential needs. Maybe a joint effort might actually work. Then we would have a New Year worth celebrating.