Every day I seem to get more and more evidence about the way we older people are being ignored, in the sense that we are not being involved. Life seems to be an endless round of talk about the ageing population, not just here in Australia, but in many other countries, yet it’s always based on the ‘them’ principle, not the ‘us’. We, and our views, continue to be ignored.

It is easy to dismiss us as ‘boring old farts’, with conferences and policy making about our ageing population being organised without involving older people. This attitude of ‘we know all about ageing even though we have never experienced it’ to me suggests that the people involved in these sort of discussions are a bunch of idiots, who are so incapable that they wouldn’t be employable in other areas! These are harsh words but how much longer do we older people have to put up with this stupidity?

It took centuries for women to be recognised as having equal talents and ability as men (a concept which is still not realised in some countries) and we don’t seem to have learned from that drawn out experience. I’m not sure I can name one country which has real equality between men and women, even in the US, which likes to think it is a world leader, Hilary Clinton’s gender in the Presidential race is being raised as an issue. How much further behind that attitude towards women is the world in giving equality to older people and how long (centuries) will it take to achieve it?

There are so many prosperity reducing issues in the world that are being ignored which I suspect women, and older people, would tackle and overcome if given the power and authority. Poverty and other issues related to inequality are, I suspect, areas where these groups would see the huge potential for reform and the positive outcomes from such action.

Why do we create situations where some children are allowed to reach their full potential and others are not, depending solely on which bit of the earth they were born on? Does this make sense to others – it doesn’t to me. Is the world really the best place it can be or do we need to utilise the talents of all its citizens, young or old, male or female and all other differences?

If we need any sort of uprising, rather than one favouring one god over another, it should be in the name of the world and all those who rely on it to meet our basic needs, and hopefully more. The future of the world and its people is at stake and few can recognise it. Those who do are powerless.