Currently the government is looking into what went wrong for older people, mainly those in aged care residences, during the current pandemic. This seems like a good idea until you realise that neither residents nor their families are really being listened to. The inquiry is really about the officials involved either at the national level, (we’ve had plenty of those which has resulted in the current cruel outcome) and the local level i.e. those who operate the residences. The latter group’s vested interests are to continue to make large profits.

Those directly involved, the residents, don’t seem to be consulted about what they want and need. Their relatives and friends seem to be treated equally badly. This latter group associated with one particular residence, part of a christian church group chain, recently managed to get together and were surprised at the hurt, anger and helplessness they all felt individually. They came to the conclusion that they needed to form the equivalent to a school P and C association to make sure that they have a say in what happens to their friends and relatives. I would like to see this idea spread across the world so that people nearing the end of their lives are treated with the respect they deserve and their relatives and friends have a say in their treatment. I am still hoping that the so-called lock down is recognised as a lock up and has been parallel to kidnapping. It was a national disgrace that it happened and they got away with it. Did they have the right connections among those responsible for aged care? They are still getting away with illegally using chemical constraints (drugs) for the more abusive residents and we don’t seem able to control it.

I hope that the group trying to set up the P And C type association connected to individual homes for older people will be successful. If they are and it is beneficial for all involved the details will be posted here and I hope will be taken up internationally. It should make residents of these places safer, with a peaceful and happier end to their lives with those who love them having increased voice and involvement in their lives.

In Australia the federal government is responsible for aged care and hence the appalling treatment and often lonely death this has led to.